Extreme Financial Backup to Stakeholders who have gone extra miles to play supporting roles for the platform.

The following categories of stakeholders are protected under this arrangement:

*Direct staff

*Independent field promoters

*Community organizers

*Online Link Officers


*President of Self-help Groups

*Coordination centers

*Accreditation centers



These categories of stakeholders are being given a privilege benefit if they are involved in this project promotion. Hence, they are being given an opportunity to invest in units of ₦50,000. It each range from 1 to 10 units per transaction.

Returns on investment is 30% of the invested amount, payable every 10 days from the first day of investment.

It ill be paid for 7 consecutive times to terminate that line of investment. The same process is applied to every amount, provided the proposed amount is in unit of ₦50,000, up to 10 units (₦500,000).

The project is centered on Working Currency Information Booklet as the main product.

Privilege Benefit (for Stakeholders)

* are compulsory
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