We are promoting Entrepreneurship and also provide Productive Engagement through Working Currency Information Booklet.

Hard copy of the Book is systematically made available on one-on-one basis, within African continent.

Those with a copy are being given an opportunity to invest in the project.

This is to make their monies to work for them the way they worked for it.

Investment are in the following categories:

  1. CASH TO MORE CASH (DAILY) – Returns on Investment is 6% of the invested amount payable every working day with effect from 5 days from the date of investment, provided the end of 5 days does not fall on Saturday or Sunday. It will paid for 30 times before the end of that line of transaction. See the details in the book, but don’t forget transaction fee of ₦2,000 will be added to your proposed amount.

  2. CASH TO MORE CASH (MONTHLY) – In this category, your investment will be matured 30 days from the date of investment. It is paid once and it attracts 50% returns on investment. Both capital and interest is paid out once. Transaction fee in this category is 1.5% of the amount invested. It should be paid along side with the proposed amount of investment.

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