About African Project

Poverty issue needs serious attention, because it has affected every household. There is the need for practical solution, after tracing the root. People are not productively engaged, people lack financial information, they are not mentored and above all they lack direction that will lead them to financial independent.

Direction is the secret of success in life.

The issue is being tackled through Group Agenda Strategy (GAS).

It is an African Citizen Project. It involves formation of self help groups in villages, communities, cities across Africa.

Self help group is a group of people coming together to improve their living conditions.

Minimum of 10 members can start a group and maximum is 50 per group. It is an independent autonomous group headed by president.

For a start the group can be informal and as it progress, it will be formally registered with the appropriate body.

Each group is being guided and mentored for result.

Commitment fee for the the proposed Leader (President) of the group is #3000, while the group pays an affiliate fee of #20,000.

Each group decides on their affairs but properly guided and mentored to achieve it aims.

Stakeholders are investigating in the promotion of this project in units of ₦5,000 each with ₦7,000 returns in 10 working days, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Maximum amount in each transaction is ₦100,000.

Here stakeholders are voting for the establishment of self help groups. One unit of investment will give rise to a set which is 5 proposed groups.

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