“Working Currency Information Booklet”, is a unique Information Book being marketed across the country. Engaging you to serve as an Independent Consultant or Analyst for the Instrument will be a fantastic experience with unprecedented financial reward.

We encourage you to join us, an opportunity which you will use to add value to others. The financial cost is immaterial as you will cover it within days. Our motto is Engagement, Teamwork and Access. We have access to what we want by engaging ourselves and work as a team for positive result. The end result is financial power.


The content of “Working Currency Information Booklet” is achieving the following result:

  • Income generating Initiative
  • Business Opportunities for Productive Engagement
  • Move people from zero to cash and cash to more cash.
  • Assist people to secure glorified side jobs.
  • Making your money to work for you the way you worked for it.
  • Support you to start up in business or Expand your present business.
  • Being the best and the fastest instrument to Empower people.
  • Help the public, especially graduates and other educated people to serve as Human Capital builders.
  • Empowering people, especially youths to make their own development decision with emphasis on Entrepreneurship.
  • Above all, everyone with a copy is entitled to an Automatic Investing Project to receive ₦100,000 block fund to support or start up in business.

We developed our skills in wealth creation instead of wealth sharing.


  • To narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • To raise cash flow for individuals to support their business.
  • To create jobs by providing productive engagement.
  • To arrange training for individuals to acquire skill that pay bills and ensure that they are supported to start up in business

Our platform is large enough to embrace everyone who comes in contact with us. Poverty and unemployment must go away from Africa. We started this journey on 1st of June, 2015 and the needed impact will be created before 2025

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